Anime Series Like Magical Sempai

Forced to join a club due to school requirements, one young man stumbles across the Magic Club and its sole member, Tejina. She manages to rope him into her club as part of her audience. Unfortunately, as she has massive stage fright, it doesn’t go very well.

This is an excellent cover to an ecchi comedy, so if you want more like it, slight of hand your eyes down below.

For Fans of Ecchi Comedies

Aho Girl

Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot. So much so that even her own mother has given up hope on her. However, her studious and terrifying childhood friend A-kun is up to the task of shutting down her shenanigans at every turn.

Both of these shows are similar in which you have one just ridiculous girl and one normal guy that tempers them. However, what really ties them together is how the ecchi comedy is kind of just forced in there. It didn’t need it, yet there it is.


While Japan was once the pit of sexual depravity, new morality laws and the Peace Making system used to monitor the populace has seen Japan rise to the peaks of public morality. With all lewdness censored to the point that children do not know how babies are made, an infamous erotic terrorist named Blue Snow has risen. One day, average high schooler and son of an infamous erotic terrorist himself, Tanukichi Okuma, is saved by Blue Snow on his way to his new high morality high school, only to be drawn into her new erotic terrorist organization, SOX.

Ecchi to the max, guys. However, Shimoneta is unrelenting and not as coy in its synopsis about what it is.

How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno

Third year Junior High student Ueno is in love with the concept of falling in love. As such, she is driven to create love inventions and tests them out on her kohai.

Both shows are really kind of over the top ecchi comedies where a girl is obsessed with one specific thing and the boy ends up the victim of their failed attempts at it.

For Fans of Being Shanghai’d Into a Club


Ousai Private Academy used to be an all-girls school, but Takatoshi Tsuda is among one of the first male students. However, on his way to class, he is stopped by the student president who needs a male’s point of view in order to better accommodate new male students. As such, she ends up making him the vice president of the student council. However, this seemingly upstanding institution is not quite what it seems.

While the student council in SYD isn’t so much a club, it is an organization like the Magic Club in Magical Sempai that is filled with perverts. Thus onwards goes the pervert comedy.


Kazama thinks he has what it takes to take over his high school with his gang, even if it is just his two friends in it. However, when his gang has a run in with the four unique girls of the Game Development Club, he is shanghaied in as a member himself.

Both are shows about a guy that gets dragged into joining a club full of oddballs. However, while the basic premise is the same, they are set apart by small quirks in the characters. While D-Frag is light on ecchi comedy, he does play the straight man to many jokes like Assistant in Magical Sempai.

Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

Everyone has that stage in their life where they think themselves special, different from mere humans. In middle school, Yuuta Togashi thought himself the Dark Flame Master, but upon entering high school, he has grown out of it. Unfortunately, after a chance meeting with Rikka Takanashi, a girl believing to have a God in her eye, attaches herself to him and brings that Chunibyo past back out.

Both series feature a normal guy that gets involved with an abnormal girl. They end up joining their club and being the target of many of their shenanigans. However. Chunibyou has less ecchi, if any, really.

For Fans of Magic Tricks

Magic Kaito 1412

Several years after the death of his father, Kaito discovers that his father was the Phantom Thief Kaito, the Magician Under the Moonlight. His father was killed by a criminal organization seeking the Pandora Gem that supposedly grants immortality. To bring them to justice, young Kaito assumes his father’s mantle.

Obviously much more serious than Magical Sempai, this series features a thief that uses illusion and magic tricks for thievery. As it takes place in the Detective Conan universe, expect mystery and a few laughs as well.


There is nothing in the world that Joker cannot steal. This is his tale of thievery using fantastic tricks.

Like Magical Sempai, this is a series about magical tricks, but Joker’s are more successful and less ecchi.

Mysterious Thief Saint Tail

Meimi is a normal girl during the day, but at night, she is the modern day Robin Hood called Saint Tail. She steals from thieves and gives back to the owners.

This is a series like Magical Sempai that focuses on illusion and magic tricks, but has a plot and more successful magic tricks.

Do you have any more anime series like Magical Sempai? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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